Murena L&PMurena L&P
Wanda Full L&PWanda Full L&P
Lavinia Light L&PLavinia Light L&P
René L&PRené L&P
Tancredi L&PTancredi L&P
Dudina L&P / Guya classic L&PDudina L&P
Elisabeth L&P / Harry L&PHarry L&P 2015


What has driven Marta Sala to now start her own line of furniture and objects, distinguished by the charming acronym MSÉ ? What kind of reasoning inspires an entrepreneur who - although still young as an exponent of a second family generation - has already gained many years of experience dealing with designers and manufacturing?
Is there more calculation or risk, boldness or recklessness, behind such a decision, at a time like this?
Press kit photos, Catalogue & 3d drawings
available on demand

Via Montenapoleone 9
20121 - Milano