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Shaped since childhood by a strong family aesthetic, Marta Sala founded her brand Marta Sala Éditions (MSÉ) in 2015, to report her own design stories. The design editor grew up into one of the most iconic families of the Italian Design; her uncle Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Ignazio Gardella and Corrado Corradi, with her mother Maria Teresa Tosi, founded in 1947 the well known Azucena (bought in 2018 by the B&B group). After studying architecture and philosophy, at the age of 23 she began working for the family business in the project-oriented field.

After being part of Azucena for 25 years, she decided that she wanted to reinterpret her knowledge in design into something more contemporary, for a new generation. Therefore, in 2015, she founded her own company; to her own name, which underlines her personal commitment with the brand, Marta added "Éditions'' to emphasise that she works with collections and not with single pieces. Her goal is to offer custom-made unique products in terms of quality and manufacturing but also pieces that can be reproduced in quantity. Marta chose to work with two talented architects from Rome, Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering. She selected at first pieces from their archives that she tought deserved to pass from unique or sporadic projects to pieces available on the market.

As Marta mentions “With Claudio and Carl, it's like I found a pencil to represent what I dream of, they shape our collective brainstorming, and MSÉ brings the furniture to reality.”

Thanks to this collaboration, the collections began to constantly evolve and invent. In just five years, Marta Sala Éditions includes more than 60 pieces from all different typologies, armchairs to tables and sofas, lamps .... For Marta, it is really important to create a new, recognisable, dense world, loaded with identity, ethics and quality craftsmanship, with a touch of humour.

Marta Sala promotes the idea of a design piece that can stand in different environments and reaches many countries of the world with which we must built a bond of culture. ”We have to create nomadic high quality objects” Marta says, “with a freedom of use that suits to every client.” In fact, her furniture is equally at home in a California beach house as it is in a Beijing hotel, a Parisian boutique or on a yacht. Being a woman, Marta has a contemporary vision with a Milanesian entrepreneurial spirit and a refined Parisian style. She also combine functionality with aesthetic enhancement.

Marta splits her time between her showrooms in Milan and Paris and devotes a lot of time to highly skilled and dedicated Italian artisans with whom she works on every detail of her pieces.

Each piece of furniture is the result of a creative dialogue. With her very specific background, Marta is the trait d'union between the designers and the artisans. She has a keen sense of proportion and materials and a detailed knowledge of production constraints.

With twenty different metal finishing treatments in her catalogue, exclusive fabrics, different types of marble, discussed dimensions and solutions for the exterior, Marta is very interested in the world of sustainability. She works with different aspects, such as the use of certified materials, the avoidance of waste and the revival of objects through creativity.

Marta works on the creation of a collection by choosing a specific theme of inspiration, which, as the collections show: The Secret Soul of Useful Things, The Rule of Detail, Déclinaisons, Frames, Rooms... represent her spirit and creativity, influenced by the Bauhaus philosophy.

The creations of Marta Sala Éditions are part of prestigious projects, houses, yachts, high-end hotels and fashion boutiques around the world.

After all, as mentioned by Marta “we have a responsibility towards our customers, they will live with our furniture every day, hopefully for several generations, so we have to make sure that what they invest in remains timeless. That's my big commitment.”

The brand is distributed through exclusive retailers in the following markets: Italy, Russia, United States of America and Asia.


Via Montenapoleone 9
20121 - Milano