Marta Sala Editions is the story of one woman’s vision and confidence in realisation.

Marta Sala was born into an iconic family of Italian design: Azucena was set up in 1947 by 3 architects Luigi Caccia Dominioni, her uncle, Ignazio Gardella and Corrado Carradi Dell’Acqua, and owned by her aunt Franca and her mother, Maria Teresa Tosi.

Marta grew up in a world of highly skilled Milanese architects, designers and artisans. The preoccupations of form and function, quality and beauty, have been part of Marta’s world before she can remember. Design is in her DNA.

Steeped in this rich cultural heritage, it was not until 2015 that Marta Sala was ready to tell her own design stories. To her own name that highlights her personal commitment in her brand, Marta added “ Éditions” : She doesn’t work with single pieces, but builds up collections, deciding themes of inspiration.

For the first collections, she chose Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering, two Rome based talented architects, for their innovative design, with multiple functions and configurations. Marta is a free spirit, and her vision for her “haute couture” designs is equally nomadic. Her pieces of furniture are just as much at home in a Californian beach house as they are in a Beijing hotel, in a Paris boutique or on a yacht.

Marta is rigorous and exacting, but at the same time playful, daring and full of flare. This comes from the confidence of knowing her trade, of loving what she does and remaining open to the influences around her.

Splitting her time between her showrooms in Milan and Paris, Marta has a close-knit team of highly skilled and dedicated Italian artisans with whom she works on every detail of her pieces. The titles of Marta Sala Editions collections represent well her spirit and imperarive, shaped by the Bauhaus philosophy The Secret Soul of Useful Things, the Rule of Detail, Déclinaisons, Frames, Rooms.

However, each piece is not finished until the would-be owner also engages in the birth of the furniture, which therefore becomes an object of affection.Twenty different metal finishing treatments in its catalogue, exclusive fabrics and various marbles, bespoken dimensions and outdoor solutions (to support this new and strong trend !)… the goal is also to offer to professionals a real support in creating custom-made pieces and to go deep in searching the different price ranges according the requirement of each single project.

This results in a distinctive, bespoke creation, confidently in tune with its environment, audience and purpose. Created five years ago, Marta Sala Editions became a new, recognisable brand, a rich and evocative world, loaded with identity, ethics and high-quality craftsmanship, with a touch of humour.


Via Montenapoleone 9
20121 - Milano