Alastair  -  sofa LPA  2015
 Alastair  -  sofa LPA  2015
 Alastair  -  sofa LPA  2015

D2 Alastair - sofa
LPA 2015

Collection I consists in 14 types of models including sofas, armchairs, rugs, lamps and a desk. Each piece carries the name of the first client who inspired it and together create a new world for a new lifestyle, articulated in refined finishings and materials such as the Calacatta gold marble, the gold plated iron or the bright Mohair velvet. Alastair is a modular sofa, gently curved on the back to allow different configurations, building a great circular shape or discreet vis à vis. It can be combined with it related ottoman.


cm 230x96 78 seat at cm 41 


Frame: solid and multilayer wood / elastic belts / upholstery in different densities polyurethane foam  -   PVC feet  -  Cushions: expanded foam, with removable cover  - In client’s fabric (mt.11)/ Mohair velvet



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