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Eugenia  -  removable  pillow cover B1b LPA 2019

Eugenia - removable pillow cover B1b
LPA 2019

Rooms is the theme of the fifth collection chosen by Marta Sala. It focuses on the bedroom, proposing the always innovative ideas of architects Lazzarini&Pickering. The Eugenia headboard must be hung up like a painting. Following the brand's philosophy, it is modular and can be paired with other elements from previous collections, such as the Narciso lamp for instance. The pillows are elegantly hidden in a cover that reminds an envelope, embellished by the brass zipper ornaments.


cm 75x45  -  Customized size on demand


Brass zipper  -  complementary feather pillow  - In client's fabric (mt.1)/ mix linen Arsène Pierre Frey 


chiné brown

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