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Murena - stool bis Sg3 LPA 2020
Murena - stool bis Sg3 LPA 2020
Murena - stool bis Sg3 LPA 2020

Murena - stool bis Sg3
LPA 2020

The Murena stool is now presented in a new version, lighter, with a simpler architecture, to allow easier collocation.The double curves of the footrest just adds a touch of poetry to this elegant silhouette. It is a comfortable piece with reduced dimension, both for domestic or contract projects. It can come with arms or small arms, like previous Murena chairs options.


cm.45x46 h.93 seat at cm.70 – Bespoken heighness


Frame: metal laser-cut, curved, grind, hand-assembled before final finishing - Stainless steel polished or mat /316 marine outdoor version - Seat: multilayer wood with foam, resinated layer - Cushion: expanded foam with removable cover, loose or fix - In client’s fabric (mt.1)/  Mohair velvet.



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